With Pledge to Work with Community, Congress Delegation Holds Meeting :

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A delegation of the Congress office bearers,led by District Vice President Naveed Ashraf Kichloo, met with recently appointed Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Abdul Qayoom in Kishtwar. The delegation aimed to establish rapport and discuss pertinent matters concerning the region’s security and welfare.

During the meeting, the delegation engaged in fruitful discussions with SSP Abdul Qayoom regarding various issues such as community safety, law enforcement strategies, and collaborative initiatives to enhance public trust and security in Kishtwar. SSP Abdul Qayoom welcomed the delegation and assured them of his dedication to upholding law and order in Kishtwar while prioritizing the interests and safety of its citizens. He expressed gratitude for the delegation’s input and pledged to work closely with the community and stakeholders to address any challenges effectively.

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