Registration Denial to prestigious School With 100 Year Legacy in Kashmir By BOSE :

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The recent news of registration denial to students of the prestigious Saint Joseph School Baramulla, an institution with a 100-year legacy, has sent shockwaves through the entire education community in Kashmir.

“We urge the authorities to understand the gravity of this situation,” said a Spokesperson of PSAJK. “This decision is not just bureaucratic, it is deeply emotional. It disrupts the lives of countless families and shatters the dreams of our children.”

“We are heartbroken to see the future of our children being jeopardized by the continuation of these insensitive decisions,” said the spokesperson. “The closure of RRFs leaves thousands of students in limbo, unable to register for upcoming exams from their respective schools and thus jeopardizing their academic progression.”

The impact of this decision extends far beyond individual students. With every similar step we may face ultimate closure of hundreds of private schools. It throws the livelihood of thousands of teachers and school staff into uncertainty and threatens the very existence of numerous private schools in the valley.

While we appreciate the efforts of the J&K High Court in directing the authorities to comply with its directions regarding provisional recognition and RRFs, the continued non-implementation of court orders raises serious concerns about the administration’s commitment to the rule of law and the welfare of its citizens.

We urge the Lieutenant Governor’s office to intervene immediately and instruct BOSEK to reverse this decision. We also call upon the concerned bureaucrats to project the real situation on the ground and ensure the smooth functioning of private education in Kashmir.

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