Gold Coin Mistakenly Given As Bus Fare Of Batmaloo Women in Srinagar :

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A woman identified as Waheeda, a resident of Batmaloo, unintentionally handed over a gold coin instead of bus fare to the conductor during her journey from GB Pant to Radio Kashmir Gate on Thursday, January 18.

Her intention was to sell the coin to cover the medical expenses of her brother-in-law. Recounting the incident, she stated, “I boarded a Mazda bus around 10:30 in the morning near GB Pant Hospital, Sonawar, and disembarked near Radio Kashmir Gate. Upon visiting the jeweler, I realized I had one coin less in my purse.”

Soon she realised that she had given a gold coin to the conductor instead of a 10-rupee coin which belonged to her sister who needed cash for her husband’s treatment at AIIMS Delhi.

In a plea, Waheeda appeals to the bus conductor to return her gold item on humanitarian grounds. She stated, “If this message reaches the conductor of the bus, I kindly request him to reach out to us at 7006807001.”

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