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No Admission Below 16: Centre Issues Guidelines For Coaching Institutes
According to the new guidelines, coaching institutes are not allowed to hire teachers with qualifications less than graduation degree…

New Delhi: Coaching institutes are now prohibited from admitting students below the age of 16, and they are also restricted from making deceptive assurances such as guaranteeing high marks or rankings. These guidelines have been established to establish a legal framework and to control the rapid expansion of private coaching centers.

The formulation of these guidelines was prompted by government complaints related to student suicides, fire incidents, inadequate facilities in coaching institutes, and concerns about their teaching methods. According to the guidelines, coaching institutes are not allowed to hire teachers with qualifications below graduation. Additionally, they are prohibited from making false promises to parents regarding student enrollment, rank assurance, or guaranteed high marks.

Institutes are not allowed to admit students below the age of 16, and enrollment in coaching institutes should occur only after completing the secondary school examination. The guidelines explicitly state that coaching institutes are prohibited from disseminating misleading advertisements regarding the quality of coaching or the facilities they offer. Additionally, the employment of individuals with a history of ethical misconduct convictions is strictly forbidden. Registration of any institution is contingent upon having a counseling system in place, as mandated by these guideline.

per the guidelines, coaching institutes are required to maintain a website containing updated information on teacher qualifications, syllabus completion periods, hostel facilities, and fees. Acknowledging the competitive and academic pressures on students, coaching institutes are urged to conduct classes with sensitivity, minimizing undue stress.

The guidelines emphasize the establishment of a support system for students during crises and stressful situations. Coaching institutes are directed to implement a counseling system readily accessible to both students and parents, with regulatory measures in place to ensure compliance.

These guidelines addressing the mental well-being of students have emerged in response to a disturbing surge in student suicides in Kota last year. They emphasize the need for transparent and reasonable fees for different syllabi, with a requirement to Issue.

receipts for the fees collected.

It is explicitly stated that if a student discontinues a syllabus prematurely, a refund for the remaining period should be granted. To reinforce compliance, the Center proposes imposing fines of up to Rs 1 lakh on coaching institutes that violate the guidelines or, in severe cases, canceling their registration for charging excessive fees.

To facilitate effective oversight of coaching institutes, the government proposes registering both new and existing institutions within three months of the guidelines taking effect. According to the guidelines, the state government will assume responsibility for monitoring the activities of coaching institutes.ZN

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