DMs Asked To Enforce Complete Ban on Celebratory Gunfire in State :

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Arms licensees in Bihar have been asked to deposit their guns to the local police station or the competent authorities if such licences were issued from other states and verification was pending. The state home department issued a circular to this effect, mentioning that the verification must be done by February 15. The move aims at curbing the inflow of illegal arms from Jammu and Kashmir, Nagaland and other northeastern states, it said.

The home department has also asked district magistrates (DMs) to strictly enforce a complete ban on celebratory gunfire in the state. “All DMs must ensure that the verification of weapon licences issued from other states must be completed by February 15 by the firearm owners. Firearm owners, whose licences have not been verified, must deposit their weapons to the nearest police station or the competent authority till the verification is completed by February 15,” the home department letter said.
If these licences are not verified by February 15, such documents will be declared illegal, it said, adding that appropriate legal action will be initiated against the owners.

“As per previous records, there were 580 people in the state, who possesses (arms) licences from Jammu and Kashmir, Nagaland and other northeastern states. Of them, 174 are with unique identification numbers and 288 are without UINs. Whereas 98 arms holders have submitted applications for UIN number, the actual number of such weapons will be much higher,” the letter said.

Besides, the home department has asked DMs to ensure strict compliance with the complete ban on celebratory firing.
“It has been noticed that celebratory firing is done on weddings or other occasions and photos or reels are made and uploaded on social media. This is not permissible as per the law. In case of non-compliance, all DMs are directed to take legal action against the violators,” the letter added. (Agencies)

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