Clarification given on security arrangements for PDP chief :

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J&K Police on Friday said the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) president Mehbooba Mufti is a Z+ category protectee and has an extensive and sophisticated security arrangement designed to ensure her safety at all times.

A police spokesperson clarified the “misconceptions” and said J&K Police took prompt response after the recent accident of the former chief minister in which her driver and a security man were injured. Mufti, however, escaped unhurt. Her security detail is extensive, comprising a team of 34 personnel. This team is led by a Chief Security Officer with the rank of an Inspector. The security posse includes Personal Security Officers (PSOs) and a Close Proximity Team, specially trained for close combat situations. Additionally, there is a dedicated protection team for her security during road journeys.”

The security convoy for Mehbooba Mufti involves multiple vehicles, including a vehicle-mounted jammer designed to neutralize electronic threats. Her residence in Khimber is guarded by a robust contingent of paramilitary personnel, according to the statement.

After the accident, an alternative vehicle was deployed within an hour, the spokesperson said, adding that the accident occurred approximately 50 km away from Srinagar, and the Special Bullet-Proof vehicle was dispatched promptly from the capital.

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