Loss of Lakhs Of Money In Scam Takes Life Of Father of 6 Daughters in J&K :

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Man identified as Adil Din, from Darhal, Rajouri succumbed to a heart attack after being deceived by an immigration agent who purportedly swindled him of a substantial sum under the guise of securing a visa.

According to Adil Din’s family, he handed over Rs 5 lakh to a local resident named Manzoor Hussain in December 2023, with the intention of obtaining a visa for Kuwait.

Manzoor Hussain, the alleged perpetrator, promised Adil Din the coveted visa and promptly absconded to Saudi Arabia with the cash. Upon reaching Saudi Arabia, Manzoor Hussain began offering feeble explanations for the delay in processing Din’s visa over the phone. Ultimately, he conveyed to the victim that nothing could be done. Upon learning that he wouldn’t be receiving the promised visa, Adil Din suffered a fatal heart attack and passed away on December 5. The family lodged a complaint at the Darhal Police Station on December 15. Nazim Kausar, the victim’s wife, met with Senior Superintendent of Police Rajouri Amritpal Singh, who assured her of justice. Directives were issued to the officer in charge of the Darhal Police Station to conduct a thorough investigation.

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