23 Driving Licenses Of Respective Offenders Suspended in Kashmir :

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In a recent move by the Regional Transport Officer (RTO) of Kashmir, 23 driving licences have been suspended due to violations of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, and the Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989. This decision, effective for three months, was officially announced on January 5, 2024.

The suspended licences resulted from various offences, including driving without a speed limiting device (SLD) and overloading of vehicles. Additionally, three motorcyclists faced licence suspension for riding without helmets.

To maintain transparency, the RTO mentioned that details of the suspended licences would be recorded on the Sarthi web portal-a national database encompassing driving licences and vehicle registrations.

Offenders has been identified as Sh Showkat Ali (JK1220080077578), Bashir Ahmad Ganie (JK0920090061200), Mohammad Ashraf Mochi (JK0120110033644), Aijaz Ahmad Hyder (JK0520010005426), Nisar Ahmad Sheikh (JK1320130032330), Irfan Bashir (JK0120230007803), Latief Ahmad Bhat (JK0420230002604),

Others in the last are Javid Ahmad Noochi (JK0420230000112), Shakeel Ahmad Beigh (JK1520230000146), Shakeel Ahmad (JK1120140041839), Barkat Ali Sankar (JK0120110029907), Gulam Hassan Bhat (JK0120120045097), Gulzar Ahmad Lone (JK1620120012275), Shabir Ahmad Khanday (JK0420140025130), Imtiyaz Hussain Wani (JK0120140088810), Javid Ahmad Guroo (JK0420180001094), Mohd Imran Bhat (JK0120180000237), Arif Ahmad Dar (JK0420220001571), Manzoor Ahmad Dar (JK0119990065171), Bilal Ahmad Dar (JK0120120073055), Fasil Sidiq Chalka (JK0120140090787), Imran Nazir Bhat (JK0420190005420), and Suhail Iqbal Bhat (JK0120110030137).

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