Tom Cruise is unable to repress his blush when a woman states "I Have a crush on you"

Tom Cruise is unable to repress his blush when a woman states "I Have a crush on you"

Running into your favourite celebrity can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Something similar happened to this woman, who got a chance to meet Hollywood actor Tom Cruise.

The woman had this precious encounter at his Mission Impossible 7 premiere. She made a sweet confession while interacting with the actor. The woman mentioned how her parents were huge Tom Cruise fans and 30 years back her mother had a crush on him. She further revealed that not just her mother, but she too has a crush on him. To this, Cruise joked, "I hope your dad's OK with that."

Sharing a glimpse of her fan moment, the woman wrote, "If you know me, you'll know how much this means to me because I've loved him as an actor and his movies since high school. The undivided attention to listen to my story, him reaching out to squeeze my hand gently - he made me feel like I was the only person there."

She added, "He also came back to me to check that I took the perfect photo of us, after he had already moved on to other fans."

The entire interaction left the Instagram user overjoyed. As soon as the video surfaced on the internet, social media users flooded the comment section with love and compliments.

A user commented, "I love how Tom took the time to listen, didn't rush you, and was classy as always. That is why he is a movie star," while another wrote, "Yup, at first my mother-in-law was his fan. Now, my wife, I guess one day my daughter too will come and say his name."

"Plot twist: her dad has a crush on Tom Cruise too," an internet user commented.

The video was shared two weeks ago and has amassed over 2.9 million views and 4.9 lakh likes.

The woman also shared a string of pictures and snippets with Tom Cruise from the premiere event of Mission Impossible 7. Captioning the post, she wrote, "How can I not feel like the main character when Tom said I love you too back to me on Slide 2? And how he wrote LOVE and drew a red heart on my poster? And how he turned back to me after moving on to other fans, to double-check that I loved our photo together? Jokingly took a photo with cardboard Tom at the cinemas 3 weeks ago and had no idea he was coming to Sydney. Redeemed my meeting Tom Cruise experience after what happened in 2017. Simon Pegg at the end. My last Tom Cruise post - I promise."

The internet was filled with awe and admiration as Tom Cruise displayed his warmth and kindness towards his fans.

Mission Impossible 7 was released on July 12 and has been performing well in India, almost reaching the Rs 100 crore mark.-News18